Best Tour of The Taro Elephant Safari Park Bali

The Taro elephant safari Park Bali is the popular park to join a tour with an elephant. You can be bathing, washing the elephant in this park. The unique of elephant Safari Bali, you will see the elephant of Sumatran, warm environment, natural forest and friendly of the local people in Bali.

The Taro Elephant park facilitates includes the riding of elephant, Botanical Park, chain of restaurants and accommodation or hotels. The tour of Elephant Ubud Bali will give you more experiences and you can take photos to keep a moment.

All facilities and opening of the Taro Elephant Safari Park Bali

All facilities include the Bali of elephant bathing, opening hours from 08.00- 18.00, around 30 of Sumatran Elephants, visit museum and information of gallery, see the orchid of Botanical gardens, the forest of riding elephant, restaurants, lake, and you can watch free of elephant show for four times.

In the morning and the afternoon, you can get more facilities such as the centre of business and access Wi-Fi.

Best Tour of The Taro Elephant Safari Park Bali 2

The price of Elephant Safari Park Bali

The cost of Taro elephant safari park Bali tour, it includes the admission around the Rp. 900.000 (child) to Rp. 1.330.000 (adult) for two types of passenger namely adult and child. It includes the riding of elephant safari. The last prices are Admission Park, starting from Rp. 680.000 (child) to Rp. 1.000.000 (adult). All prices are published rates.

The facilities provided are the rice for a person, tax cost, the age of children around 5-12 years old, infant have to below 4 years old, generally, the payment can use Indonesian Rupiah that will convert USD.

If you want to take other activities that you can do in Taro Elephant Park such as bathing of elephant, lunch, insurance and you can pay extra for location pick up. This tour package is an Elephant Safari lodge in Bali. You can reserve the website using the online.

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This park of Elephant safari park taro located in Jl. Elephant Park Taro, Ubud Bali. You can reach this park from the airport of Bali (Ngurah Rai) about the 36 km. you will drive by using regular and takes time around one hour.

Other Activities

Taro elephant safari park Bali other activities, besides that you can do other activities such as the rafting. There are three rivers to play rafting. One of them is the Ayung river. You also can join the adventure of rafting tours.

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