Creating Memorable Experience with Elephant Trekking Bali

Having an adventure with an elephant or also known as elephant trekking Bali can be an interesting and unforgettable experience during your vacation in Bali. Especially if you have the chance to directly interact with this one of the biggest mammals on Earth without being limited by distance.

You are able to get such an experience if you visit Bali Elephant Camp. This spot is known as a tourist spot as well as a training center for elephants. In this place, elephants freely live just like in wildlife.

At the same time, the elephants also get training from professional animal tamers. This way, they will not put any visitors in danger. Visiting Bali Elephant Camp Carangsari will be very fun and educational especially if you bring your kids.

Creating Memorable Experience with Elephant Trekking Bali 2

Bali Elephant Camp as Protective Effort for Sumatran Elephant

The establishment of this place does have great tourism potential. The tourism potential is already performed by setting up an entrance fee that a visitor must pay if they want to visit the place. But the presence of Bali Elephant Camp is also a form of efforts to protect the existence of Sumatran elephants in Indonesia at the same time.

The elephants in Bali Elephant Camp are directly brought in from Way Kambas and Pekanbaru. Here, the elephants are treated well. They indeed are used for tourism purposes, but their activities are limited.

When the elephants are sick, the managers of Bali Elephant Camp provide professional veterinarians to treat and cure them. In addition, the professional veterinarians make sure that there is no obese elephant in this place.

Bali Elephant Camp also has special treatment for pregnant elephants. So, do not be surprised if you will find cute baby elephants in this elephant camp. Because the purpose of this elephant camp is to protect the existence of Sumatran elephants, the managers of this place try their best to breed the species as well.

Tourism Activities that You Can Do in Bali Elephant Camp

The main activity that you can do when you visit this place is, of course, directly interacting with Sumatran elephants. You will also be able to do elephant trekking Bali where you can ride an elephant and enjoy the area around Bali Elephant Camp Carangsari.

During your activity in the area of Bali Elephant Camp, you will be welcomed with the calming natural landscape. You will also be able to see Ayung River in this place, one of the most popular rivers for rafting in Bali. Ayung River is also known as one of the longest rivers on the island of gods.

So, after enjoying the elephant tour, you can do rafting in Ayung River to complete your outdoor activity in Bali.

Creating Memorable Experience with Elephant Trekking Bali 3

Cost and Location of Bali Elephant Camp

The entrance ticket for kids costs around IDR 600.000 or around US$42.4. While the entrance ticket for adults costs around IDR 1.100.000 or around US$77.7. If you are willing, you can choose a tour package that will be more suitable if you visit this place with your family or friends.

Bali Elephant Camp is located in Carangsari Village. It is one of the most famous and popular places for elephant riding or elephant riding besides Bakas elephant tour. Carangsari Village itself is about an hour away from Denpasar. The area is still extremely natural and filled with a lot of various plantations so that it looks like a forest.

During your trip to reach Carangsari Village, you will be able to witness a pretty natural view and rice fields. Once you have arrived in Bali Elephant Camp, you will be offered with a refreshing welcome drink in the middle of an amazing environment.

You can see the elephants enjoy taking a bath, then having meals. Your guide will explain the daily routine of this big mammal. After that, you will be able to explore the camp area by riding an elephant, or also known as elephant trekking.

During the elephant trekking, be ready to get amazed by a stunning landscape of rice fields, valleys, forests, and rivers around Carangsari Village. You will explore 10-hectare area with green vast panoramas such as vegetable plantations and flower garden.

Creating Memorable Experience with Elephant Trekking Bali 4

For the next route, you will explore a pool that is specifically for the elephants. You will be able to bath the elephant if you join the tour in the afternoon. You can also enjoy the natural habitat of various birds and siamang.

Next, you will be brought to see the impressive Ayung River, one of the most favorite rivers for rafting in Bali. Do not forget to take pictures with the river as your photo background. You can directly come to the location of Bali Elephant Camp Plaga to enjoy elephant trekking.

Or, you can order the entrance ticket online. Usually, there is a pick-up service from several locations in Bali, such as Ubud, Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, and Sanur.

Bali Elephant Camp is located in the middle of the natural forest and ricefield on the edge of the beautiful Ayung River. Not only as a home for Sumatran elephants, but Bali Elephant Camp is also the starting point for elephant trekking, rafting, and cycling adventure.

The original Sumatran elephants are brought to Bali as a government program to build a protected population for the mammals. Bali Elephant Camp Carangsari is also built in order to educate locals, tourists, and visitors about the species.

By joining the elephant trekking tour, it means that you are supporting the protective activity for their original habitat in Sumatra Island. When you are participating in this activity, you are not only having fun. But you are also involved in keeping the existence of Sumatran elephants in Bali.

So, besides spending your holiday in the paradise island, you can also do something good for the environment and living creatures on this planet.

Isn’t it beautiful?

So, do not doubt to join elephant trekking Bali when you travel to the island of gods.

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