Enjoy Unique Experience of Riding an Elephant Ubud Bali

The elephant Ubud Bali tour can be a great alternative for you who look for something different during your holiday on the island of Gods.

The natural and cultural tourism in Bali cannot be doubted anymore.

This is the main reason why Bali is super famous worldwide as a tourist destination. But joining an elephant tour is suitable if you want to have a unique holiday experience. Especially if you spend your holiday with your kids.

It will be a fun activity for them.

The elephant tour is located in Mason Elephant Park Taro Bali. This tour becomes a favorite of both local and foreign tourists.

By joining the elephant Bali tour, you will have a unique alternative with a little bit of adventure and sensation. You will have a fun and memorable holiday experience in the paradise island.

The Location of Mason Elephant Park Taro Ubud

Mason Elephant Safari Park is the place where you can join the elephant tour. The park is located in Taro Village, Ubud, Bali.

You need to drive around 60 minutes or an hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport to reach the location. If you drive your own vehicle or rent one, you will also be able to visit a number of other tourist spots near the Elephant Safari Park. Such as Ubud Monkey Forest, Elephant Cave, Tegalalang, and Tampaksiring.

This way, you can have a complete fun tour in Ubud, Bali. The Elephant Safari Park Taro Ubud is indeed a special place to enjoy an elephant tour compared to other places. It is because the area is vast enough, which is around 3.5 hectare.

Enjoy Unique Experience of Riding an Elephant Ubud Bali 2

The safari park was inaugurated by the Minister of Tourism in 2000. The Elephant Safari Park Taro Ubud became a part of the World Zoo Association.

It also became a place that is recognized by the world as animal protection which fulfills the international standard.

Every single animal in this safari park is treated well. Safety and treatment are the main priority of the safari park. Moreover, the Elephant Safari Park Taro Ubud is also claimed as an exotic and the best safari park in the world.

Aren’t you interested to visit this tourist spot in Bali?

What You Can Do in Elephant Ubud Bali

By riding an elephant Ubud Bali in Mason Elephant Park Taro Ubud, you will be able to enjoy a pretty and natural forest landscape. This recreational place is surrounded by a forest which becomes the national nature reserve.

So, the forest is kept and treated well, especially since the safari park becomes a favorite tourist spot for an elephant tour. The elephants in the safari park are directly brought in from their original habitat in Sumatra Island.

If you join an elephant tour package in Bali, the cost is already included the entrance ticket.

Not only able to ride an elephant, but you will also be able to feed the animal, take pictures with it, and enjoy the elephant show that can paint and play basketball.

The show is called The Elephant Introducing Knowledge Program.

This elephant Ubud Bali experience will be an interesting holiday moment, especially for your kids.

The Elephant Safari Park Taro Ubud also has a museum filled with various collections about elephants, including skeletons of the predecessors. This way, your kids will be able to learn the origin of the animal.

The safari park also offers souvenirs related to elephants. If you are concerned about comfort, hygiene, clean place, services, and 5-starred facilities, the Elephant Safari Park Taro Ubud is the right place for you.

There are around 20 elephants in the safari park. You will spend 30 minutes riding one of them while enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Do not be worried, because all of the elephants are tame and already well-trained.

Or maybe, you want to try an elephant bathing activity on Elephant Jumbo Wash Experience Bali.

Jumbo wash elephant Ubud Bali
Jumbo wash

The Accommodation Facility

If you and your family and friends want to spend a night in the safari park, do not be worried. Because there is an accommodation facility available that you can use.

The rooms in the accommodation are decorated with paintings which are painted by the elephants during the Elephant Talent Show. The architecture of the accommodation is unique as well. Because it is inspired by the artifacts of an elephant.

The facilities provided in the room are pretty complete too. There is an LCD TV, air conditioner, WiFi, and some more.

The Cost to Enjoy Elephant Riding in the Elephant Safari Park Taro

If you are interested in having an experience of elephant riding in the Mason Elephant Park Taro Ubud, here is the cost that you need to pay.

  • Adults: IDR 1,330,000 per person (International published rate)
  • Kids aged 5 to 12 years old: IDR 900,000 (International published rate)
  • Kids aged 1 to 4 years old: IDR 360,000 (International published rate)
  • Family of 2 adults and 3 kids: IDR 3,990,000 (International published rate)

The Mason Elephant Park Taro Ubud offers two different tour packages.

The first is the Elephant Safari Ride Tour. This tour package is held in the morning and the afternoon. If you choose it, you can enjoy the tour for 5 hours. It costs IDR 1.330.000 per person (minimum 2 persons). It already includes the entrance ticket, the Elephant Introducing Knowledge Program, riding an elephant with a guide, lunch, and insurance.

Enjoy Unique Experience of Riding an Elephant Ubud Bali 3

The second tour package is Safari Under The Stars that you can enjoy for about 4 hours. It costs IDR 1,690,000 per adult (minimum 2 persons, international published rate). It includes the entrance ticket, feeding elephants, Elephant Safari Night Ride, and enjoy the Elephant Introducing Knowledge Program, and dinner.

What do you think? Isn’t it affordable compared to the experience of elephant Ubud Bali that you will get?

If you want to have an experience of riding an elephant in Bali, it is worth to consider Elephant Safari in Taro, Ubud. Here, you will be able to enjoy a fancy elephant riding tour because the park is equipped with 5-starred facilities.

So, when do you plan to try and enjoy this elephant Ubud Bali tour with your family?

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