Enjoy Your Vacation with an Elephant Safari Lodge

When you go to Bali, maybe all you know is beautiful beaches. In addition to the beach, it turns out that in Bali other attractions are not less interesting, such as traveling with elephant Ubud Bali.

There are various kinds of tourist attractions for those of you who like elephants or other animals. One of them is the Elephant Safari Lodge.

The Location

Located in the village of Taro, Ubud, Bali, Mason Elephant Park & ​​Lodge has been established for about 20 years and at the same time becomes a shelter to save elephant victims from poaching.

In total there were 27 elephants they had saved from poachers. All were imported from Sumatra, where the elephants were considered by residents as pests.

In total, Mason Elephant Park & ​​Lodge has 31 Sumatran Elephants. Everything is placed in a special area that is designed to be as close as possible to its natural habitat.

To enjoy a vacation with elephant safari lodge, various attractive offers and good facilities you get. So that makes the visitors do not regret if they spend time with the elephants here.

Various tour packages

The manager of Mason Elephant Park & ​​Lodge offers several packages to choose from. With a price range of 970,000 rupiahs to 1,280,000, rupiahs tourists can visit the area around the park, bathe and breakfast with elephants. This package is available between 07.00 and 15.00.

For those who want to just visit the park and bathe the elephants, it is enough to spend between 775,000 rupiahs and 1,030,000 rupiahs. There is also an Elephant Safari Park package which is priced between IDR 680,000 to IDR 1,000,000.

If you want to feel a different sensation, traveler can try the night safari package, rafting, and also cycling. Here you are with elephant safari lodge.

This unique package is offered at prices between Rp1,180,000 to Rp2,200,000. It is quite expensive indeed, but it will be commensurate with the experience gained. Visitors can also try feeding the elephant.

At certain times, the manager will hold a show to show the ability of elephants in painting and counting.

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The sensation of staying with the Elephants

Another uniqueness of this place is the hotel. There are 27 rooms with various types, but all of them are equipped with a touch of elephant element.

Fun again, guests can immediately try the sensation of riding an elephant from the front of the hotel room. You could say this hotel is the only one in the world that offers these facilities.

It was certainly very exciting, getting up early and immediately being able to see the elephants from the hotel room. It will be an unforgettable experience. It is suitable for couples who are honeymooning.

Not limited to breeding elephants and hotels, visitors to the Mason Elephant Park & ​​Lodge will also be spoiled by a series of other supporting facilities that are not less interesting.

In addition to a restaurant, traveler will find a gift shop, WiFi internet access on every corner, and an elephant museum that can be educational facilities.

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