Bali Bakas Elephant Ride

Are you vacationing in Bali and fancying ride around with elephant? Good news for you, because in Bali there are some places that offer elephant ride tour in Bali such as Bali Elephant Camp, Mason Elephant Park Taro and another elephant safari Ubud.

You could also enjoy elephant ride in Bakas Elephant Park. Therefore, here in this article we are going to talk about elephant ride and tour that take place in Bakas.

Bakas Elephant Park is one of the most favorite elephant ride tours that are available in Bali. It is located in Bakas village of Klungkung regency.

Here you will be brought to ride and tour with friendly and lovely elephant while enjoying the natural and beautiful scenery of Bakas village. This village is about 30 km from Denpasar city, so you will need about 30 minutes to get to Bakas from Denpasar.

Here in Bakas Elephant Park you could do some fun activities such as:

Watching Elephant

For you guys who don’t like to ride an elephant, you could just watch elephant. You could watch them eat, take a bath, and interact with another elephants. Furthermore, you guys could also take a photo with them, but keep it in mind that this kind of service excludes riding with elephants.

Bali Bakas Elephant Ride 2

15 Minutes Elephant Riding

Here in Bakas Elephant Park you could choose the 15 minutes elephant ride service. This service is allowing you guys to ride with an elephant. You guys will be seated on a teak chair that is placed on the elephant’s back. You could relax and enjoy the ride while exploring the natural landscape of Bakas village. This service is the shortest package that is offered by many tour agencies. This service will only last for 15 minutes.

30 Minutes Elephant Riding

You could also enjoy 30 minutes of elephant riding in Bakas Elephant Park. This service allows you to ride an elephant for 30 minutes. You will be brought to explore green bushes and the river side. Sometimes you could also see monkeys’ appearances from the beautiful green hill that you will pass during your journey.

40 Minutes Elephant Riding

Bakas Elephant Park also offers 40 minutes elephant riding for their visitors. This service will bring you to explore the river side of Melangit River. While you are relaxing on a teak chair, you would also be able to watch the farmers doing their farming activities in their rice fields. This trip will last for 40 minutes.

60 Minutes Elephant Riding

Another service that you could choose here in Bakas Elephant Park is the 60 minutes elephant riding. Through this service you could enjoy fresh air, Melangit river side, terraced rice fields with the background of gorgeous hills. Most importantly, you could also enjoy the view of the blue sea and Nusa Penida Island as the background.

All in all, you could choose the services that offered there based on your comfort and preferences.

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