Enjoying Breakfast with Elephants in Bali

When you are vacationing in Bali, it is not complete without going to Bali Elephant Safari ride and tour. You could do many activities there such as feeding the elephants, riding them, enjoying breakfast with them and many more.

There are some places that offer breakfast with elephants Bali such as Mason Elephant Park Taro and Bali Safari Park. However, before you book the tickets you should check the elephant ride Bali price first to get the whole picture of it first.

Bathing & Breakfast with Elephants Bali at Mason Elephant Park

You could enjoy this breakfast with elephants Bali in Mason Elephant Park and Lodge Bali. This exclusive experience will give you the extraordinary chances to play and interact with elephants while they are doing their morning bath.

During this time, you could caress and wash the elephants in such magnificent and private environment. After you finish with bathing them, you will be brought to sit back around and have a delicious buffet breakfast with the view of the beautiful scenery and the park while the elephants do their sunbathing to get dry for their morning bath.

Enjoying Breakfast with Elephants in Bali 2

Furthermore, after you enjoying the deliciously great breakfast, you could enjoy the appealing elephant education show and then you could do the unforgettable moment of elephant safari ride in the flourishing Taro tropical forest.

Bali Safari Park

Unlike the Mason Elephant Park Taro, Bali Safari Park does not provide breakfast with elephants, but with other animals namely lions. In addition, you can go on an elephant ride after breakfast with lions.

To get this special treatment such breakfast with lions and elephant back safari Bali you have to pay extra cost. In Bali Safari Park the elephants are treated well. They are so loved and cared in this facility.

Elephant Back Safari in Bali Safari Park offers the incredible roaming experience of an African-themed Bushveld surrounded by Wildebeests, Zebras and Rhinoceros on the largest land mammal. Our trained and professional mahout (treaters) lead you through our educational tours to learn more about these gentle giants ‘ fascinating habits, strength, intellect, and natural habitat.

Beside that, this package also include animal show, tiger show, and the elephant show. Over all it is a good package deal that you guys should try and experience.


All in all, there are several places in Bali that offer services such as breakfast with animal Bali for instance Bali Safari Park, Bali Zoo  and Mason Elephant Park and Lodge Bali. Even though the cost for this kind of services is a bit pricey, but it will worth the experience that you get from it.

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