Intrigued by the Elephant Ride Bali price? Here goes the explanation!

Elephant Ride Bali Price – Not just the sea, waterfalls, and other natural beauty, it turns out Bali also has one of the fun tours that you can make your holiday reference. One of the vacation ideas that might be interesting and you want to try is the elephant ride, because Bali also has ethical elephant sanctuary Bali.

Tired of visiting Bali with a beach atmosphere? Well, this time you can travel by riding an elephant. Tours that offer elephant riding in Bali are quite attractive and the price is also by following the facilities offered.

Not only elephant tours, the following tours also offer other attractions. Here are 3 recommendations for elephant ride activity, which you can do.

Bali Elephant Camp

This unique tour offers not just a ride an elephant. The first elephant riding tour is elephant camp. This unique tour is not just offering a walk with the elephants in general, you know, but also has some other fun activities.

For those of you who come on holiday to Bali with your mate or family member, it is still suitable for you to make one of the variations of a holiday together. Well, what are you doing at this elephant camp?

Intrigued by the Elephant Ride Bali price? Here goes the explanation! 1

There are some interesting activities. For example, walking in an area that has been specially prepared for you, so you can enjoy the atmosphere of Bali, interacting with the elephant and chill.

The elephants that will accompany your trip at this elephant camp are direct descendants of the Sumatran elephants. This elephant trekking place was formed in such a way, by providing a unique place setting, namely life in the middle of the forest, which was then also adjacent to the Ayung river, lined with paddy fields and rice.

If you are interested in trying to ride this elephant, you can directly end it in the village of Carangsari. Don’t worry about getting lost, because the location is very public and close to various famous spots in Bali.

Or you can also directly make a reservation at or follow this link for discounted online rate.

Elephant ride Bali price of this Bali Elephant Camp is suitable for those of you who look for elephant ride Bali price cheap. That’s among IDR 850 thousand for an adult, then IDR 550 thousand for the children, or you can just choose the complete package for family with 2 adults and 2 children package within IDR 2650 thousand. Prices may change at any time without prior notice.

Safari Under the Star

If actually the elephant camp gives you a variety of sensations of riding an elephant, against the background of forests, rivers, rice fields and exciting places in Bali, then this elephant riding tour will be different.

Unlike elephant tours in general, under the star safari is the first night tour riding an elephant in Bali. With a walk around with elephants at night, of course, the experience and the sensation will be very different to if you do it in the morning and afternoon.

Intrigued by the Elephant Ride Bali price? Here goes the explanation! 2

Tracks or paths for this elephant ride are prepared in such a way, to give you a different sense, by taking you for a walk in the jungle of Taro, which is famous for its sacredness.

Besides, you will also enjoy interesting attractions from the Elephant education show. This experience is certainly suitable for all ages. Even if you decide to bring family members here, this show is still very enjoyable to watch.

After being satisfied to walk under the night sky and the stars with the elephants, then continue to enjoy the elephant show that is no less exciting, you will still get a special dinner.

This vacation package is so complete. you will get a special dinner at the palm grove, which is located on the edge of the lake as the closing activity.

If you are curious about vacation activities that take place at Mason Elephant Park Taro Bali. Here, you can directly make online reservations at

Elephant ride Bali price cost of this Safari under the star is IDR 1425000 for and adult, then IDR 1000000 for children, IDR 400000 for and infant, and for the family package with 2 adults and 3 children you should pay IDR 4350000. Prices may change at any time without prior notice.

Breakfast & Bathing the Elephants

If previously you were on an elephant vacation, taking a walk through a sacred forest, having dinner by the lake, then visiting a pleasant elephant show, then the recommendation for the next riding an elephant that is no less fun is breakfast and bathing the elephants.

Finally, you can find interesting activities in the morning, with complete activities, and unique features, together with the elephants. So, actually besides breakfast with elephants bali, on this vacation package, what are you going to do?

In this one activity, you will get the opportunity to try out 3 types of very challenging programs. The first is that you can bathe the elephants. Wow, You will bathe the elephant in a lake, which has been prepared by Mason Elephant Park & Lodge Bali.

Intrigued by the Elephant Ride Bali price? Here goes the explanation! 3

This tour can be called a unique tour.

Why? Not only offer the option to walk around the route by riding an elephant, but here you will be in the morning bathing the elephants in a lake, along with some elephants and their handlers, while playing in the water. Surely this will be a unique experience that is not forgotten.

Not only that, after you have finished bathing elephants, you can even help them carry out their rituals. Wow, what is that? Yep, you will help care for the body of the elephant, and to feed the elephant.

Now, after the elephants have finished bathing and eating breakfast, they will dry themselves and prepare to do the next activity.

This is then your time to also enjoy breakfast with fresh green views. After that, you and the elephant will continue the next journey.

The first is that you will see the elephant show, which is very fun. Many say that elephants are one of the smartest animals. Once satisfied to enjoy the elephant show, then you will be invited to tour by riding an elephant, to explore the Taro forest area.

For those of you who want to look for outdoor activities that are fresh and have educational value, then this is the best. You can directly make a reservation at this page.

Elephant ride Bali price of this is IDR 1300000 for and adult, then IDR 90000 for children, and for family package with 2 adults and 3 children you must pay IDR 3950000. Prices may change at any time without prior notice.

Well, here it is some exciting activities in elephant tourism. For those of you who want to know more about this information, don’t forget to contact and sign up at There you will find lots of interesting information related to elephant ride bali price, elephant tours, how to reserve, and other things related to holiday preparation.

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