Ethical Elephant Sanctuary in Bali

For a lot of visitors in Asia especially in Indonesia, the opportunity to interact with elephants directly is the number one of their wish list holiday experience.

However, sometimes those visitors are unaware of the cruelty of the people and all of the things that involved in elephant tourism. Many of these highly intelligence animal are kept and abused through tremendously cruel training practices such as beatings and stabbing with a tool like bull-hooks.

Most of these tourist attractions are only exist for amusement and not for the behalf of the animals’ welfare. Therefore, when you are in Bali and want to go elephant safari park, you’d better be choosing ethical elephant sanctuary bali. One of them is Mason elephant sanctuary Taro.

In addition, before you get there it will be good for you to check the elephant ride Bali price first and enjoy the services that they will give you.

Mason Elephant Park Taro Bali

A rising number of animal sanctuaries that is based upon animal tourism in the whole wide world are changing for the better nowadays such as ethical elephant sanctuary bali. They provide a home for cruelly abused elephants, encouraging elephant’s education for visitors, and permitting visitors to have direct contact with elephants in non-dangerous ways.

The abused and abandoned Sumatran elephants are given a safe haven here in Mason Elephant Park Bali. This sanctuary is fully devoted to preservation and it is the principal for setting the standard on how to take a good care of elephants in such purpose-based situation.

Things that You get to do with with the Elephant 

Today this ethical elephant sanctuary Bali or Taro safari park Bali is a home for around 30 endangered Sumatran that have been save from the wild and now they have the freedom to roam around 4 hectares ground.

Ethical Elephant Sanctuary in Bali 2

This sanctuary allows the visitors to interact and play with the elephants. Furthermore, they could do some activities such as feeding the elephant, watching the elephant get bathed and also swimming with these beautiful gentle giants.

The visitors could also ride the elephant.

Even though there must be a teak chair that placed on the elephant’s back, it is made of lightweight material, so it does not hurt the elephant.

Most importantly, the person who gets to take care of these rescued animals is the one that is already carefully and selectively chosen when the sanctuary is rescuing the animal.

Thus, this person will be taking care of the elephant every day of the week because this person has been paired with this particular elephant for life.


All in all, playing and experiencing direct contact with elephant is the top priority wish list holiday for some people. However, choosing the ethical elephant sanctuary is not an easy thing to do.

When you are in Bali you could visit ethical elephant sanctuary Bali such as Mason Elephant Park Taro for recommended ethical elephant sanctuary in Bali.

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