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Elephant Park Bali in Ubud 1

Elephant Park Bali in Ubud

When you are holidaying in Bali with your kids and don’t know where to go, you guys could go to elephant safari Ubud and let your kids play and learn about the elephant. Not only for kids is this tourist attraction suitable for all kind of visitors. You could visit Mason Elephant Park when you are looking for elephant park Bali Ubud. The Location This elephant park bali ubud is located in Ubud’s foggy vicinity. It is a home base for 31 crucially ...

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Bali Bakas Elephant Ride 2

Bali Bakas Elephant Ride

Are you vacationing in Bali and fancying ride around with elephant? Good news for you, because in Bali there are some places that offer elephant ride tour in Bali such as Bali Elephant Camp, Mason Elephant Park Taro and another elephant safari Ubud. You could also enjoy elephant ride in Bakas Elephant Park. Therefore, here in this article we are going to talk about elephant ride and tour that take place in Bakas. Bakas Elephant Park is one of the most favorite elephant ...

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Preparation for Adventuring in Bali Wildlife Park 3

Preparation for Adventuring in Bali Wildlife Park

Bali wildlife park holds an amazing view that you won’t find in other places in Bali. The beaches maybe give you beautiful sunset and magnificent scenery of the rocky cliff surrounding it. Or, you also can see the majestic view of sunrise when you take the sunrise trekking tour and climb a mountain in Bali. The wildlife park gives you a chance to be much closer to the animal. It also can become a great way to relax and escape from ...

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