Preparation for Adventuring in Bali Wildlife Park

Bali wildlife park holds an amazing view that you won’t find in other places in Bali. The beaches maybe give you beautiful sunset and magnificent scenery of the rocky cliff surrounding it.

Or, you also can see the majestic view of sunrise when you take the sunrise trekking tour and climb a mountain in Bali. The wildlife park gives you a chance to be much closer to the animal. It also can become a great way to relax and escape from your stressful daily routine.

However, you need to prepare several things before you go for an adventure at wildlife parks in Bali.


Wear something that easy to dry. T-shirt and shorts pant and hiking sandals or sneakers are a good choice. Your clothes most likely will get wet because of your sweat or water, if the adventure route also passes through the river.

Moreover, if you take elephant safari Ubud or other area tours, get ready to get wet. The guide will take you to pass the water area and even let you have a bath with an elephant.


Of course, the gadget is important to capture every precious moment you meet during your adventure. As mentioned above, you will get in contact with water and outdoor situation.

So, make sure you bring water-proof gadget during your Bali wildlife park adventure.

Preparation for Adventuring in Bali Wildlife Park 2


Bring cash and put it into air-sealed pocket or plastic wrap. So, it won’t get wet when you have an adventure in the river or other areas in the wildlife park.

Even though many wildlife parks have accepted the card for payment, it’s not wrong to bring cash, so if you want to buy something from a traditional shop, you can pay it without a problem.

Protective Gear

Hat and sunglasses are an important thing to wear during your adventure. You will be outside the building, riding an elephant and enjoy nature. Moreover, you also need sunscreen and insect repellent.

Use it carefully, so it won’t disturb the animal you are going to interact with.

The Travel Agency

Now, you know what you must prepare for your adventure. The last thing you need to do is choosing the best travel agency. In this case, you can try They provide various services where you will enjoy adventure while riding an elephant.

You also visit many beautiful spots in a wildlife park in Bali. Once you book from them, you are ready to enjoy the best bali wildlife park adventure.

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