Experience Ubud in Different Way: Elephant Safari Ubud

Whenever you hear the word Ubud, the thought of monkeys and temples will come straight to your mind. Ubud in Bali is famous for its ancient temples, green hillsides, majestic royal palaces, the rice terraces and don’t forget about the Ubud monkey forest. Maybe, elephant safari Ubud is not in your mind.

When visiting Ubud, everyone or almost every tour package will include the monkey forest, Tegalalang rice terrace, elephant cave, Ubud Royal Palace (Puri Saren Agung), Ubud art market and many more famous destinations.

But going to Bali means there is always something fun to do, you will never run out of attraction.

Experience a different way of vacation while you are in Ubud, by joining elephant safari Ubud. This is one attraction included in Bali animal safari among other safaris in which you can see or interact with any kind of animals.

If riding an elephant sounds exciting for you, Bali elephant trek is here providing the excitement you need for you and your loved ones to enjoy Ubud differently. With excellent quality and competitive price, Bali elephant trek offers many kinds of elephant tours and combo packages to accommodate your dream vacation.

Experience elephant ride at Mason Elephant Park

Mason Elephant Park is one of the Bali wildlife Park. This the home of more than 30 Sumatran elephants.

This place is first opened in 1997 and has gained a reputation as the role model for the elephant captivity. Mason Elephant Park is the only place in Bali that is dedicated to the elephant rescue facility.

With the size of 3,5 hectares, this place has been formed and shaped to resemble the real habitat of elephants whose origin was from Sumatra.

The reason why this park becomes a role model for elephant captivity is that Mason park apply 5 freedoms of animal welfare as the standard of animal captivity. The five freedoms are freedom from hunger/thirst, freedom from pain/disease/injury, freedom from discomfort, freedom to express most normal behavior, and freedom from fear and distress.

If you come and visit this park, you will experience yourself of how these 5 freedoms are applied to ensure the welfare of the elephants here.

This elephant park is located in Taro village not far from the center of Ubud. If Ubud is included in your destination while you are in Bali, then to visit Mason Elephant Park Bali Ubud is such an unforgettable experience.

Here, you are allowed to interact and have an intimate experience with the elephants. If you are worried about how the elephant ride will somehow injure the animals, well, don’t be. The seats used for elephant ride are specially designed teak wood which is light and padded heavily to minimize the risk of injury or discomfort to the back of the elephants.

It is even explained the Mason park’s official website that riding elephants even have benefits for the elephants themselves. It is said that the elephant riding allows elephants to exercise their muscles, bone density, foot health and for the sake of their general wellbeing.

Riding an elephant in Mason Elephant Park with Bali elephant trek will turn your vacation into an unforgettable one. The elephant ride will last about 30 minutes and you will also have the chance to take amazing photos of panoramic scenery of the park.

The elephant ride tour will also let you enjoy the botanical park along with the sight of the national forest surrounding it.

Also included in this tour is the opportunity to feed elephants and baby elephants, tour around the park, gain knowledge about elephant introducing program, have lunch at Taro restaurant, and visit the museum and information center afterward. The elephant safari Ubud tour also provides the pick up from your hotel, so you have less to worry about.

Experience the uniqueness of night safari

In Safari under the Stars tour package, Bali Elephant Trek will carry you beyond the ordinary. Being the first to provide night time elephant trekking in Bali, this elephant safari Ubud will bring a whole different way of elephant trekking to your experience.

You will be picked up from your hotel to the Mason Elephant Park to join the night safari trip under the stars in the Taro forest.

Before the beginning of the under the stars trekking, you will be visiting the museum and information center and enjoying the elephant education show first and having dinner after the nightfall trekking has been done. The trekking itself will last around 20 minutes.

Safari under the Star is one of the most unique Elephant safari Ubud in Bali.

Exclusive Elephant bath and breakfast

Experience Ubud in Different Way: Elephant Safari Ubud 2

Make sure you are the lucky one to join this limited program of elephant bathing and breakfast.

The tour will allow you taking part in bathing the elephants located in the bathing lake. You will experience the elephant ride like nobody has ever done.

This opportunity lets you ride the elephants while they are splashing water and playing in their bathing time the intimacy as you caress, wash, feed and interact with this giant animal will add unforgettable stories to your life.

Afterwards, you are going to enjoy breakfast with adorable view of the park .you can choose between Continental or American style breakfast.

If the bath and breakfast program is too early for you, Bali Elephant Trek provides another similar program called Jumbo Wash the Elephant which allows you to caress, wash, feed and interact with elephants, elephant riding and having lunch afterward.

Elephant Safari Combo Tour

Taro elephant ride + ayung rafting

Want to enjoy other tourist attractions?

No need to worry, Bali Elephant Trek is ready for combo tour! Elephant safari Ubud at Mason Elephant Park can also be combined with adrenaline rushing experience of Ayung Water Rafting Adventure will get you adventure and amazement at the same time. followed by 2 hours spa package to treat yourself after the whole breathtaking elephant riding and water rafting experience.

Another option of combo tour will let you enjoy the elephant ride at Mason elephant park combined with the Kintamani sightseeing tour and lunch. This combo package is the best if you want to see Ubud as a whole.

To you who want a snorkeling experience while not missing elephant ride, an elephant ride in Bakas elephant park combo package is just right. Have a great snorkeling experience in Blue Lagoon and experience 30 minutes elephant ride at Bakas ended by 2 hours of the spa to complete your day.

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