Elephant Park Bali in Ubud

When you are holidaying in Bali with your kids and don’t know where to go, you guys could go to elephant safari Ubud and let your kids play and learn about the elephant. Not only for kids is this tourist attraction suitable for all kind of visitors.

You could visit Mason Elephant Park when you are looking for elephant park Bali Ubud.

The Location

This elephant park bali ubud is located in Ubud’s foggy vicinity. It is a home base for 31 crucially endangered Sumateran elephants.

Besides the greatness of Sumatran elephant this park also offers warm tropical weather, natural tropical rain forest and the hospitality of Balinese people.

The park is about four hectares and mindfully designed to replicate the real environment of the local home for the elephant in Sumatra.

Elephant Park Bali in Ubud 2

The Offer

Here in this elephant park bali ubud you get the opportunity to have a direct contact with the friendly elephants. You could feed them and take a picture with them.

Furthermore, you could also watch them play and interact with another elephants or you could play with them too. For you guys who like a bit of adventure you could ride the elephant and relax on a teak chair that is placed on its back and then stroll around to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park.

Because the existence of those Sumatran elephants is endangered, they are protected by the law and Indonesian government.

This elephant park bali ubud is built to fulfill everyone needs, thus it is not only suitable for elephant lovers but it is also suitable for you guys who want to spend the holiday with your loved ones.

This park also offers a track for elephant ride tours, botanical garden and a restaurant if you guys are famish after playing around with the elephant. For you who want to stay the night, this park also offers the accommodation. This park is also perfect for the newlyweds because they can get a romantic and beautiful gateway here.

Furthermore, for you guys who are planning to get married, this elephant park is also a place that could you consider as the location for your ceremony. There are plenty of couples who are already held their wedding ceremony here in this elephant park.


In sum, if you guys are having a vacation in Bali, the place that you should most definitely visit is elephant park bali ubud. It is perfect place for you, your kids, and your loved ones to spend your holiday.

Here you could learn about elephant and get the chance to have direct contact with them such as feeding them, taking a picture with them and riding them. This place is also perfect for romantic gateway such as honeymoon and wedding ceremony.

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