Enjoy Elephant Experience Bali

Besides elephant Ubud Bali, Bali Zoo Park is one of the most famous favorite tourist destinations and is very crowded, both by local and foreign tourists.

Besides being able to see animals, you can also interact with them. One of the interesting spots to visit at Bali Zoo is Kampung Sumatra. In this spot, you can get a very amazing elephant experience Bali.

Ride The Elephant

In the village of Sumatra, you can ride the Elephant, or called the Bali Zoo Elephant Expedition Track attraction. The time is approximately 30 minutes for one run.

To enjoy the attraction, you have to buy a ticket back because the ticket is separate from the entrance ticket. The price is pretty decent on the official site, around IDR 600 or 800 thousand.

With these prices, you can get an extraordinary elephant experience Bali.

Bali Zoo
Elephant experience at Bali Zoo

Kampung Sumatra

Kampung Sumatra Bali Zoo Park offers the experience of interacting with the Sumatran elephant in a zoo collection located in Singapadu Village, Gianyar.

You can see elephants playing water in an elephant pool until they get on their backs. Strengthen your guts to feed this friendly giant.

With 60 thousand rupiahs, you will get a basket of fruit and vegetables to give to the elephant.

The Attraction of Animals

If you don’t want to be expensive, you can see animal feeding attractions. Elephants are one of them, and when I went there the event started at 1:00 p.m.

Please see the map provided at the time of the ticket exchange at the initial entry. Because there is a complete description of the attraction of animals and animal feeding that can be watched for free.

Suggestions for you, if you want to see all animal feeding can come much earlier. Several shows are held under noon. In the animal feeding section, we also sell pet food basketball, which we can buy.

The goal, of course, so that we are easier to photograph with the animal. But I don’t know the animal feeding part of the tiger.

Because it’s too late to see it.

So, recommend it for those of you who are going to Bali, if you want to get a different holiday experience, you can come to Bali Zoo.

Vacationing at the zoo is an educational holiday, especially if you are on vacation with family, you automatically bring your children.

So, this vacation can be a means for you to introduce animals to your child. Don’t forget to enjoy the elephant experience Bali that will add to the excitement of your vacation.

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