Bali Animal Safari Tour You Must Try at Least Once in Your Lifetime

Bali animal safari is one of the best alternatives you can try if you get bored with the beach and surfing in Bali. This adventure will give you different experiences and feelings that you might never get from surfing and sunbathing and enjoying the sunset in Bali beaches.

What is Bali Animal Safari?

From the name itself, you must know what it is, don’t you? It is a tour where you see and interact with animal in Bali. Bali isn’t only famous for its beautiful beaches, diving spot or world-class surfing spot.

This island also has a unique animal and place where you can see them. Some of the animals can only be found in Indonesia and Bali. So, you won’t be disappointed with this adventure. You need at least try it once when you visit Bali.

Bali Elephant Trek

Among many safari tours you can find in Bali, Bali elephant trek and tour maybe is the famous one. This adventure allows you to interact a lot with the elephant. You even ride them during the tour and the guide will take you to explore many places in the area of the tour you visit.

Bali Animal Safari Tour You Must Try at Least Once in Your Lifetime 1

Bali Elephant Trek Area and Activity

Speaking about the popular area for Bali animal safari while riding an elephant, here are the area and activity you should visit and try.

  • Mason Elephant Park – You can do many things here, such as the elephant safari ride. You also have a chance to bath the elephant and enjoy breakfast. Then, if you want something different, try safari under the star. This is one of the best places for elephant safari Ubud tour.
  • Bali Elephant Camp – This tour will take you to Carangsari village where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the village and trek with an elephant.
  • Bali Zoo – enjoying the Bali zoo while riding an elephant. Plus, you will be brought to a beautiful natural view spot.
  • Bali Safari Park – you can enjoy riding an elephant with Elephant Back Safari package.
  • Bakas Elephant Park – Enjoy Bakas Elephant Park in Klungkung, and have a chance to dive at Blue Lagoon and enjoy the spa.


Isn’t that more interesting than surfing and sunbathing? If you want to enjoy the elephant adventure, try to use service. you can find all kinds of services and adventure package there.

Now, get ready and enjoy Bali animal safari.

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